Bon Voyage Marianne!

As you know, Little Dreamer is the joint adventure of Marianne and I.

Marianne is a professional seamstress with many, many years experience and is the drafter of our patterns and the tireless maker of the vast majority of our items and... she has just embarked on a long holiday to Europe including a visit to her much loved homeland, Norway...  

So... this means we have had to slow down production a little for while I can sew, I have a newborn at home (as well as a boisterous 2.5 year old) and time is in short supply at the moment.

We have closed custom orders during this time and will reopen them once she returns. Most items will be restocked but it really is dependent on me being able to maintain a healthy balance between this lovely little label and my family.

Thanks for your understanding and of course your support.

Amy xx

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